Casual Candids Photographers
The Casual Candids Crew photographed one another on April 27th at the gorgeous newly renovated Inn at Lambertville Station. A big thank-you to Marielle Wolf for allowing us access to the light filled spaces there. Additional images were made on April 15th in Washington Crossing, PA.
Joyce: My passion has always been people photography. The whole process makes my heart go pitter pat!      Jess: Are you kidding? I get paid to people watch; there is nothing jucier than that!
Corinne: As a family, we LOVE looking at images that were captured over the years, whether they are wedding pictures of my husband and me, or of grandparents, or of the MANY images of my children growing up. It is a great pleasure for me to create special images from special times to become “more special as time moves on.”      Wendy: Put a camera in my hands and I cannot resist the urge to photograph what’s around me, whether it be a nature or city scene, a candid expression or an intimate moment. Event photography is the perfect niche for me because I get to document everything I love to preserve for posterity, and that is a gift!
Odalis: Photography captures so much more than just a moment in time, taking that happiness, laughter, wonder, or excitement and turning it into a memory you will hold dear. I love being able to capture those moments, to see the story behind the smile, to know the reason for the laughter, to witness the cause for the wonder.      Christy: “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught is captured forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” --Aaron Siskind
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